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  1. Carl Shepherdson Proprietor


    Over the next few weeks we will be moving the current CSNMReg over to a new system which is much easier to use and will make it easier to manage your domains.

    Nominet Membership

    We are currently in the process of a Nominet application, Nominet are the people in charge of .uk domain names. Our Nominet Membership will give us the facility to reduce the cost of .uk domains and introduce a lower "transfer in" cost along with our own IPS tag which will be "CSNEWMEDIA".

    Credit/Debit Cards

    The new will also include our new Credit/Debit card system with autobilling allowing domains to be renewed automatically. PayPal and manual payments will also be available.

    New TLD's

    Once the system is live we will be introducing over 60 TLD's (domain extensions) such as .de, .fr along with many other international domain names

    Reseller Discounts

    We will also be making available discounts for resellers to make use of when ordering domain names for their clients.

  2. siphilp CSNM Customer

    coooooool :thumbup1:

    Do you have a rough idea how much .com and will be once accepted?
  3. pgosling Guest

    Will all current domains be transferred to the new system?
  4. Carl Shepherdson Proprietor

    Yes, we will be importing everything from the current CSNMReg to the new version.

    We will also be gradually moving domains registered in Helm/DirectI to CSNMReg but this will take months rather than weeks as it's a manual job.
  5. Carl Shepherdson Proprietor

    Not just yet. :smilie:
  6. sladmin CSNM Reseller

    Wow this is excellent news. Nice one CSNM. I'm looking forward to seeing what the reseller option is all about too.
  7. Carl Shepherdson Proprietor

    The new CSNMReg has been live for around 2 weeks now.

    Hope you are all finding it easier. :smilie:
  8. siphilp CSNM Customer

    I got a little confused over billing as you know :whistle:

    But I like it :)

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