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Discussion in 'Computer Advice & Troubleshooting' started by Carl Shepherdson, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. Carl Shepherdson Proprietor

    Can anyone recommend any software to resize lots of images in one ago?

  2. Andrew Taylor CS New Media Staff

    Irfanview if you want something free, it has a batch resizer built in

    Point it at the source folder and the destination folder and away you go
  3. siphilp CSNM Customer

  4. sladmin CSNM Reseller

    Wow! That's handy if you have some thumbnails you want to resize in one go. Very cool!!
  5. Mark Voss CSNM Customer

    I've used a few and this one is the best IMO.
  6. Nick Irvine Secretly the main man

    I use the nice little program over here: http://www.jklnsoft.com/

    It converts them and also allows you to put a stamp on them to stop people knicking them or hotlinking them.

    Its not free, but is very user friendly, simple, easy and quick to use and well gets the job done. There is a trial version you can have a play with
  7. andysears CSNM Customer

  8. boomers CSNM Customer

    I know it probably isnt relevant anymore but incase its picked up by someone searching in the future, I used IrfanView yesterday to resize a whole bunch of images and it worked a treat. So thanks for the tip Andrew.
  9. Ben Collier CSNM Customer

    Same here :D

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